Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The future is bright

This weekend, well, Thursday to Saturday, is The Secret Island "Three-day conference about the history of Tiree, bringing together experts on Tiree’s cultural and natural history from 1600 to the present day. Includes talks, tours and a ceilidh."

I'm booked on the whole thing, and am looking forward to three days of learning and sharing and the ceilidh if I'm not completely shattered!

Last night our kitchen was a very lovely shade of orange.  My new camera has a "sunset" setting so I went out and took this:

 photo Sunset_zps9ee62a2a.jpg

Today was gloriously sunny!  The wind has finally lost the cold edge it's had so far and chickens, dogs and livestock enjoyed the basking.
 photo HenBliss_zpsa5837cb6.jpg

Not much to report really.  I've been tending the bushes/trees around the house and been shown how to start cuttings from the bushes so I now have 16 of those started off in pots out front.  More are planned but I need to wait for the bushes to stop flowering and to get some bits for the pots.

My shawls have been getting washed.  I had to lie the black silk one down to dry and got bitten for my efforts!  There's a nest entrance to an ant colony smack bang in the middle of our back lawn.  I fully intend to see that one off.  The back looks to be a nice place to sit and relax, it's flat for starters!

Anyway, I'll report again after the conference.


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