Monday, 3 June 2013

The Secret Island Day 1

As this was a three day conference I've decided to make three posts of it.

Day 1 was an afternoon of introductions and history.  The conference was "limited" to the 17th Century onwards for this event.

I decided to take a leisurely stroll down.  The weather was gorgeous and the tide was going out, a great time to snap some shots.
 photo BampWShell_zpsfa0fc0a7.jpg

Pretty black and white snail.  I thought this shell was empty, but it had just come unstuck, so I buried in the nearby weed after taking my photo.

 photo BizarreFind_zpsf75eb381.jpg

I'm always amused/intrigued/fascinated by what washes up on the beaches.  A bone (I'm thinking calf, or large sheep) and a diving mask.

 photo MossFountain_zps69ede786.jpg
A "weedfall"  One rock pool slowly draining into the other and down to the sea.

 photo StripyRock_zps560a8eda.jpg
Stripy rock

 photo WhatADay_zps6ba26a38.jpg
The glorious view!  Barely a cloud in the sky.

 photo LotsACars_zpsbb952d33.jpg
You can always tell when An Talla is going to be full; cars line the road.  The conference was no exception.

 photo Lug_zpsb70b456e.jpg
Inside there were many informative boards, pictures, models, and more.  This is a "dropsail lug" I'm pretty sure.

After registrations were done and folk settled, it was time for the first half of the afternoon.  John Randall of the Islands Book Trust started us off with a welcome and a rough outline of what to expect and who was going to talk.

Next was a Tirisdeach (Tiree person); Donald Meek who gave us a brief overview of the coming conference.

Following this was Dr. John Holliday about "The importance of local history and culture to a community" and how his Christmas wish had finally come true.

Then it was time for the first history 'lecture'.  Tiree and Coll, together but different by Nicholas Maclean-Bristol.  A look back at the Maclean's; how the family spread and many more facts in the islands' histories.

After that was a tea break.

 photo AlanWasEre_zpsf9a696e4.jpg
Seeing these mugs hiding under a chair made me laugh.  Seems Alan Dix isn't the only learned person who leaves half-drunk beverages in random places.

The next lecture was on Martin Martin by Donald William Stewart.  Another interesting peek at history.

After this was a brief discussion session then there was a dinner and an evening presentation on Bard Thighearna Cholla which I am informed was good.  I skipped the evenings, mainly because I know my limits and three late evenings would not be good for my ability to stay awake.

So, that was day 1.  A nice ease into the history of the island ready for day 2.

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