Monday, 8 April 2013


A few mornings ago it was a tad frosty.  Jo went out and took photos, I had absolutely no desire to rise from the pit.

 photo Frosty_zps192c8da3.jpg

 photo Frosty2_zps1da9b7cd.jpg

 photo FrostyAirport_zps7aa321ad.jpg

 photo FrostyPower_zps62a0b911.jpg

 photo Forstysun_zps45af5623.jpg

The hares were out in fairly noticeable numbers:
 photo ForstHares_zpsc2f952c3.jpg

This one is apparently a regular on our lawn.  I've not spotted him/her before.
 photo HareToday_zps1b552be1.jpg

Jo also took the camera on his shopping run.  Crossapol beach:
 photo SunnyBeachFrost_zps25e15cd2.jpg

The tides have been quite low and so we've had these little sand islands:
 photo beachIslands_zps60a42ed9.jpg

View across to Balemartine and Hynish
 photo baleHynish_zpsc2ad87a1.jpg

Port a Mhulinn  (Inlet of the Mill)
 photo BaughBayFrost_zpsa8985d73.jpg

A little bird on the beach: (thrush perhaps?)
 photo BeachBird_zpsf284c9da.jpg

I've been crafty.  I really didn't like the idea of carrying an iPhone "bare" in my bag or pocket, so I knit it a little pouch:
 photo iPhoneSock_zps8bf36402.jpg

This is a sneak peek to Dad's birthday pressie:  It will have black lines on there, but those are to be added later.
 photo CloseUpFlags_zpsbdc88b8c.jpg

You can leave comments guessing what it is, but I won't say yay/nay until after May 4th.

Wind is up again and oh boy do I ache!  Between all the walking last week; wearing heels to a wedding on Saturday, dancing Saturday night and walking to An Talla twice I could do with an easy week.

I did get to go to my first Ceilidh though.  It's kind of like barn dancing in that the steps are called out to start with but with more swinging and pairings and less changing the steps at random points.  We even did an unplanned dance called "the dashing Scotsman"; that went incredibly well considering we were warned it could result in a mess.  I only fell flat on my rump once; 4 steps backwards turned into 3 and thump.  Still, it was absolutely fab!  The lady who was calling the dances has even provisionally said she'll run classes come Winter.  I kind of feel ever so slightly guilty for wanting that to come just so I can go dancing.

Anyway, I have about 3 weeks to finish Dad's surprise; best get back to it!

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


  1. Nice to see Jo can take photos too. Tiree looks lovely, counting down till we are on our way to see you.

    1. Yes, he can when I'm not away with the camera ;)

      Looking forward to seeing you too.

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