Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The walk there

I took a LOT of photos today.  So instead of overwhelming viewers with a huge post, I'm splitting it over two entries.

Today the weather is truly amazing.  It's t-shirt weather so long as you're on the move, so I went for a nice long (for me) walk to the Dr's monument.  GPS, dog, drink, sunglasses, towel, camera and off we went!  4.78miles later we were home again.

Madam is now conked on her bed and hasn't even noticed it's gone doggy dinner time.

Photos!  To get there I decided to take the scenic route along Crossapol beach.  Trotted down, took off shoes and socks, and got walking.  We met a couple of folks walking a dog and my bare-footedness was commented on as "a person going bare foot; it must be summer!"  The beach was certainly warmer than my last visit in February.

A literal sand bag:
 photo Sandbag_zpsc66ce39c.jpg

Look at that beach!
 photo CrossapolBeachSunnyt_zpse0033ee8.jpg

I saw these tracks in a few places.  I can only assume a *very* small dog as they only occurred near shoe and larger dog prints.
 photo TinyDog_zps3a01c2a7.jpg

At the far end (from us) of Crossapol beach there is this odd outcropping of concrete:
(EDIT: There used to be a pipe that took the water from the reef to the sea under the arches.  Half right that commenter :) )
 photo RiverOutlet_zpsda491560.jpg

Turns out it's where the stream that runs by the surgery comes out to the sea:
 photo TrickyShot_zpsda348153.jpg

Also at that end there's this patch of land:
 photo DumpingPit_zps081426bf.jpg
It seems to accumulate the wash-ups of the sea.  Good place to find net, rope and plastic.

There's also this little buoy/float garden that I rather like:
 photo Balls_zpscb1065c4.jpg

Nearly there!
 photo NearlyThere_zps89548daa.jpg

One monument.
 photo DrMonument_zps494ca984.jpg

 photo DrMonumentIns_zps5bdc6205.jpg

What an ideal place to put such a structure; so many gorgeous views.

The Dr's and Dentist's:
 photo Surgeries_zps6b643423.jpg

Baugh Bay (I'm pretty certain)
 photo BaughBay_zps9832084c.jpg

 photo BaughBay4_zpsc86654ea.jpg

 photo BaughBay2_zpsbbda3cbf.jpg

 photo BaughBay3_zps426511ab.jpg

View across to Scarinish:
 photo Scarinish_zpsdb67fab5.jpg

EDIT.  Apologies, on further inspection this is the Baptist chapel and
Mans a’ Bhàigh or Clachan Guest House behind it.
 photo Retirement_zpsa1539243.jpg

So that was the walk there and what a glorious one it was too.  Either tonight or tomorrow I shall post the walk back across the Reef with the little finds I spotted on there.


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  1. Could the concrete arches be the remains of an old sewage pipe before they stopped discharging into the sea?