Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Funny weather

Last week was glorious sunshine and cooking dog.  Laundry was done; walks were had; ferrets were even more insane than usual.  Spring sprung!

So what's the weather doing now?  Peeing it down!  This is a good thing though; the wind was burning the ground because the grass hadn't grown at all.  So the grass is perking up nicely.  I do believe the next dry spell will see me out with the mower on the back lawn, sorry, meadow.

All quiet here at the moment.  I finished Dad's pressie almost 3 years to the day that I decided to start it.  No, I haven't been working on it all of that time, it spent a lot of time sitting in its box while I pondered the enormity of the task.  Two weeks and a bit and you can finally see it.

The wind has been even less predictable than the rain.  The weekend was almost still, Monday was okay, yesterday was 60mph+ gusts that saw the ferry cancelled and me bringing next door's bins in before they made bids for freedom.

The longer days are lovely though.  It's nice to see without light at 6am and only need the lamp/light on before 8am and after 7pm on wet days or 8pm on sunny days.  Madam Doglet is also glad of the sunshine finally getting to the floor again.  Nothing quite like sunshine warmth on your arthritic joints.  Especially when your "evil" human restricts your walks.  (The 5mile walk saw her in pain for 2 days, don't want that again!)

I've started fathoming out Tiree Gaelic.  I'm working on plans for discovering the places on Tiree place names and am discovering it would be far easier if I knew what the more common words (like Cnoc, An, Creag, Carraig, Taigh, Sloc) meant so I could then stand a chance of seeing if that interesting building/rock/hillock has a name or if it's just a rock.  Really, *REALLY* need a Gaelic dictionary.  I'm also building up the confidence to find an islander who's willing to help me learn pronunciation of these things.  Yes, there are many online resources (I'm even working through them) but nothing beats human to human.  I learned that when I spent most of my school time learning French; only so much can be learned from tapes and books and nothing beats a native speaker for true pronunciation.  Thank you to that lovely shop keeper in Paris who had the patience to teach me "souris" all those years ago!

No photos this post.  Neither of us has really thought of taking any.  I just realised I need to take one for the photo group "lit"...still no idea!  Ooooh, maybe I do.

I have been baking though.  Cookies today and cake yesterday.  Perhaps bread tomorrow?  I can knead small batches and fresh bread is soooo yummy, especially with marge and marmite.

Anyway, going to set up my lit idea and wait for the dark.  TTFN

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