Friday, 5 April 2013


After chatting to folk at the museum I had some time before Angus came back to collect me, so I bought some lunch and went to sit near the hotel.

I truly can't think of anywhere on this island that I have been where there isn't a wonderful view in at least one direction.
 photo ScarinishBay_zps98647ccf.jpg

The snowy caps on Mull were defrosting nicely.  Today they're snow-free.
 photo MullMountainSnow_zpsed91be20.jpg

As a kid I spent a lot of time in Morecambe and thought there were perhaps 4 types of seaweed in existence.  Oh how wrong I was!  In just 2 square feet there were all these:

Green flat stuff.
 photo GreenSewaeed_zps1065be87.jpg

Dark brown leafy weed
 photo BrownSeaweed_zps695e0e2e.jpg

Green flat weed with feathery weed
 photo Featherweed_zps11cdff36.jpg

Pink/brown/clear weed.
 photo Redweed_zps349d0b5c.jpg

Add learning about seaweeds to my ever growing list of things to do while here!

There were, of course, a couple of ex-creels.  There was one almost completely buried but the camera batteries died before I could snap that.
 photo BrokenCreel_zps70bb882e.jpg

I did get a chance to go see this wreck though.  It's the Mary Stewart (think it's Stewart rather than Stuart)
 photo Wreck_zpsaa76d0ed.jpg

It's not as small as it looks!  I believe it was in use until 1930, but I can't find details right now.
 photo MaryStewart1_zps5bb9bf8d.jpg

Braces used to hold the shape:
 photo MSFrame_zpse221c93a.jpg

Tiny nails used for DIY are useless in something this big.  This needs stakes!
 photo BigStake_zps2ab59b98.jpg

Proof Nature is a patient thing.
 photo MSReclaimed_zpsa724e217.jpg

Finally, it's only 32 seconds, but have a little soothing video from the bay:  (turn sound off, there's nothing to hear but me rustling with the camera)

Rest day today, got Dad's pressie to work on so I shall be moving to the garden and sunning myself while working away.

The forecast for next week isn't looking hopeful, so it might be quiet on here again.  Don't tell the dog, she's snoozing in the sun and will be miffed if it goes away for a whole week!


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  1. loving the seaweed, such vibrant colours to brighten the winter gloom!