Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The trot back

After having walked along the beach to get to the monument, I decided to Reef it back.  Some interesting finds on that huge expanse.

A pole with handle and a float(?).
 photo BallampPole_zps6ca524fc.jpg

This float said it had buoyancy to 20kg:
 photo 20kgFloat_zpscfb34b04.jpg

These ruinss have intrigued me for ages!  Today I finally visited and took a peek.

 photo RAFRuin_zps67b24681.jpg

The entrance (one assumes)
 photo RAFRuin2_zps81986741.jpg

The building interior (bit draughty!)
 photo RAFRuin3_zps6659967d.jpg

There were lots of these too.  I don't know if they're walls, floors or rooves.
 photo RoofOrFloor_zpsef691bd5.jpg

 photo FloorOrRoof2_zps99079a32.jpg

There are also these.  I think they might be foundations.
 photo JoistsMaybe_zps8e7443e1.jpg

And then there's this pair of buildings: (EDIT: Angus informs me these were once home to an operations room during the RAF stay here)
 photo RAF1_zpsd2f7341f.jpg

 photo RAF2_zps210fe1f9.jpg

 photo RafNature_zpse3dfbda9.jpg

And this is at our end: An Sruthan Ruadh
 photo ReefGeese_zpscef30f41.jpg

 photo ReefAirport_zpsfca4904d.jpg

So that was the walk back.  A nice day had by myself and Madam Doglet who was in bed and fast asleep by 17:30.

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