Saturday, 22 June 2013

Busy Murk

76 clicks off 7000 views.  Hello to all who read!

It's been a bit of a murky week, alas.  So I have been hiding indoors and getting knitting finished.  Yep, crafty post ahead!

It didn't stop Madam being a bit naughty though:
 photo GuiltyPippa_zps0dea6d56.jpg

I bought that packet of treats to trial with her but needed my bag to go out.  I put them on what WAS a dog-safe shelf before going out.  Came home to find an empty bag and a guilty dog.  Safe to say she likes them anyway.  Must remember the dog will climb on furniture to get to tasty things.

I did get a child's jumper done:
 photo ChildJumper_zpsbdaf1ce6.jpg

And Jo's birthday socks:
 photo JoSocks2013_zps3e505927.jpg

Today is woollens wash day, the kitchen floor has had its wash again (I really need to remember to change waste hoses!)  I do love the washing line when it all goes out though:

 photo WollensLaundry_zpse7fd9eea.jpg

 photo Socks_zps60605075.jpg
Lots of socks.

 photo AddisLine_zps26afc973.jpg
24 pegs to hold one lace shawl.  I'd already given this a wash this year and it would have been fine, if it hadn't slipped out of my bag during the conference weekend and gotten dragged through gritty mud.  Thank goodness it was only for a few feet.

It was nice yesterday though, so I got to trot down to Friday crafters and collect lichen for some natural dyeing I have planned.  I also snapped some shots of the latest flora:
 photo PrettyRed_zps595481f5.jpg
I think this is an orchid of some sort.

 photo LavenderWhatsit_zps5c0edea0.jpg
This plant is lavender coloured and probably deemed a weed, but I like the colour.

This evening is Rags to Riches and a dear friend is kindly paying my entrance fee so I shall be taking the camera and thoroughly enjoying the evening.  It's a good 3 hours+ so it may be a day or two before updates, depending on how tired I am and how many photos I take.  The new camera is already at 1037 photo's and videos; not bad for two months.  Yes, a lot of those are "what was I aiming at?" and "too blurry!" but that's why I take so many.

I have treated myself to a tripod though, so I may well be found on future days sitting with a pack lunch on the beach taking photo's of far away birds.  Oh dear, I'm having a midlife crisis at not-even-30; not long before I get a Thermos of hot chocolate and an anorak!  (joke)  Nah, with me it will be camera, tripod, knitting and a pack lunch.  ;)

Right, got to peg out the towels that dried the floor.


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