Monday, 17 June 2013

It's a Beumb!

Not much to report this week.  The weather was mixed and even wet last week so I spent a fair bit indoors getting bits done.  The new bottle of mower oil arrived though, so we have a lawn again and I'm working down the side bit.

One tree mowed around:
 photo MoreMowing_zps42e9f755.jpg

Madam says I am a horrible Mum for not letting her out to go eat the ferrets.

 photo MeanMum_zpsc7f6fbfa.jpg
Rumble, on the other paw, thinks it's great that he can go mad in the grass:

The noise he's making is called 'dooking' and it a happy noise; sometimes described as a cross between a dolphin and a chicken.

Saturday evening we agreed that, should the weather let us, we would 'outdoor dine' (I refuse to say barbeque or BBQ before the event; it tempts rain) on Sunday.

Sunday came, glorious weather again.  We rang a couple of friends and set up:
 photo ReadyToDine_zps56cc2e2c.jpg

After a while the midgies came out in force.  Years ago I bought a little garden oil lamp to deal with that issue, so I went to get it.  As I emerged from the garage there was a round of gasps followed by hysterical laughter.  Our oil lamp is now nicknamed "the beumb" ala Peter Sellers. There was even a moment where we all sat around the table and just as a car passed leant back with our hands in the air looking shocked.  Goodness knows what the people driving past thought; especially as the lamp was lit.

A great evening was had, lots of laughter and good company.

That evening's sunset was lovely and I rather like the way the clouds were arranged over the houses opposite.
 photo Evening_zps8eaec667.jpg

The moon!
 photo Moon_zpscb563dc0.jpg

One of the many many many sunset photos I took.
 photo Sunset9_zpsb0fd82c9.jpg

While out taking sunset shots I was met by a pair of hares.  Please excuse the poor ability to keep said hopper in shot; it saw me and panicked.

Today I set about turning our oil lamp into a prop Wile E. Coyote would be happy to use:

I found a stencil alphabet image on Google and printed off  "ACME BOMB".  Next I got a bit of thin card, placed the printed sign 'ink' down (We have a laserjet, so really it's toner down) and rubbed with a hard edge.  The toner transfered, I drew around the edge and then cut the letters out.  Hold stencil to 'bomb' and use pencil to draw letter outlines.  Finally, paint in with white paint.

This is the 'beumb' sans paint and oil reservoir:
 photo UnMarked_zpsd7a93875.jpg

Done painting.
 photo ACME_zpsb9ca2ba4.jpg

With the reservoir back in:

 photo ACMEDone_zps659c0220.jpg

 photo ACMEDoneB_zps8dad0484.jpg

(Goodness knows what having the word 'bomb' repeatedly in this post is going to cause!)

That's it for now.  The sun is out, Madam is cooking, I've had some sun too and the laundry is drying nicely.


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  1. :D love it!!!! (laughing as I type!). Good times.....