Monday, 3 June 2013

The Secret Island Day 3

The final day.  There were quite a few tired folk but all were still interested and happy.  The weather was happy too.  Although the day did start wet and I had to shelter in the bus garage during a brief but heavy shower.
 photo Waves_zps0f78e0c6.jpg

 photo WhyILoveTiree_zps768bed67.jpg
This is something I love.  Put a glass out with money in at some places and it'll be empty PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) but do it on this island and people are actually respectful.

 photo SteamerPainting_zps43b27de5.jpg
One of Donald Meek's paintings.  This man's talent knows no bounds!

 photo Painting2_zpsdc5aae00.jpg
Another of the professor's paintings.

 photo BookSale_zps24f0a1ca.jpg
The Books Trust had a lovely collection of books for sale and appeared to do quite well judging from the number of folk asking who to pay.

The morning's lectures were interesting.  Donald Meek informed us about the history of the land struggle.  Lesley Ferguson showed us many photos by Erskine Beveridge and told us about his visits to this isle and how his glass negatives were nearly all lost.

Ailean Boyd and Iona Brown talked to us about Tiree Gaelic; how some words are unique to the island and some "older" words are slowly disappearing, as with any language.  There was a discussion session and then lunch.

I went down to my new favourite rocky spot and enjoyed some sunshine and photographing the birds.
 photo DucksMaybe_zpsa1412ab5.jpg
Many ducks

 photo CatcherSmirk_zps669bc385.jpg
This pair of oyster catchers were very obliging.
 photo Catchers2_zps98e3468c.jpg

 photo OysterCatchers_zps938e85fc.jpg

 photo WhatsitBird_zps561d5b22.jpg
Turnstones and possibly a Sanderling in the lower left.

 photo WhatsitBird2_zpsa27b29f4.jpg

 photo OneLeggedPlover_zpsde875b24.jpg
A nearly legless Plover.  (Don't worry, it did have two!)

The afternoon saw one more lecture from Donald Meek, this time about transport to and from Tiree.  From rowing boats and sail boats to "puffers" and the modern ferries.  Planes were also covered.

Then we had some presentations from locals.  Gordon Scott did a presentation on "A tale of two churches"; Ian Smith told us about the Balephuil fishing disaster of 1856; and Dr John covered current issues and the future of Tiree.

After that there was a longer discussion session covering the whole conference and then a formal closure with many thanks to all who spoke, helped and made the conference happen.

The evening was rounded off with...a ceilidh!  Not just dancing though, locals performed, a Canadian had us all participating in "5000 years of Tiree in 5 minutes"; songs were sung in English and Gaelic and fun was had by all.

Two-step dances were quite popular and what would start with a few pairs could turn into a dozen or more:
 photo Dancing_zps7c6b6779.jpg

 photo FunnyShoes_zpsedc05075.jpg
This made me giggle.  One lady came in what I think are "ugg" style boots and changed to her "dancing slippers" for the evening.

 photo Dancing2_zps38e9e359.jpg
Dancing really was enjoyed.

 photo GoodTurnOut_zps8fa945e5.jpg

There was a great turnout too!

 Finally, let me leave you with the sound of the sea.  I walked home from the ceilidh and couldn't help but stop and listen.

It was a lovely conference and I believe all enjoyed it.


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