Thursday, 6 June 2013

The SWRI Show

Yesterday saw the annual Tiree & Mull Federation show.  Mull have five groups and we have one, each year one group hosts and this year was our turn.  The run up to the show was frantic, stressed and optimistic.

I spent an hour or so the evening before baking banana loaf ready for the sales table and the evening teas.  I've nearly got the method down ready for the Agricultural show next month.
 photo BananaLoaves_zpseb254a35.jpg

It was an early start, 8:30am for hall opening.  Ladies could be found placing their entries (over 200 in total) in categories or sorting their group displays.
 photo ShowStart_zps70b74992.jpg

The knitting classes did well.  There were even more socks than this come judging time.
 photo MAnySocks_zpsce24d451.jpg

Baby blankets
 photo ManyBlankies_zps18535a06.jpg

 photo ShrugsCakeJam_zps5d701e0b.jpg

Fingerless mitts (there was some confusion over this.  They had to include short fingers so the completely fingerless ones were marked down)

 photo Mitts_zpsa49ae44a.jpg

Sewn spectacle cases
 photo SpectacleCases_zps1a9c65c6.jpg

Sewn sunhats
 photo Sunhats_zpsba9b3665.jpg

Pictures made with shells.
 photo ShellPics_zpsa5da09de.jpg

Flowers in teapots and pew ends.
 photo Flowers_zps3d26f38b.jpg

Crocheted corsages
 photo Corsages_zps5e997f9f.jpg

On to the group displays!  The theme was "Christmas".

This group have just 10 members yet still managed their 6 entries.  The jumper was completely improvised by a lady I got to chat to that evening.  I now know how to fit trees on a collar!
 photo Group1_zps4ad9108a.jpg

Group 2 went with a purple and silver theme.
 photo Group2_zpsacde3588.jpg

A close up of their bobbin lace:
 photo BobbinLace_zps17980a2a.jpg

This group also had a session for something I can't remember the name of where you pin sequins to shapes to make, in this case, christmas puds!

 photo SequinPud_zps680b3c56.jpg

Group 3 went more traditional
 photo Group3_zps73b7487c.jpg

I rather liked their (presumably) quilted cones:

 photo QuiltedCones_zps07ddcb52.jpg

Group 4's entry.  The tree was fascinating to watch being assembled; it's a set of rings hung from a central pole, very clever!  The decorations were all hand made by the group themselves.
 photo Group4_zps03e1f01e.jpg

Group 5 went with "Santa got stuck down the chimney!"
 photo Group5_zpsfd72f579.jpg

I loved their knitted dog with its sock ears and mitten patch.

 photo KnittedDog_zpsabfd5ccb.jpg

The knitted carrots and mince pie was a nice touch, and look at the lovely embroidery!  I can safely vouch for that metallic thread being a PAIN to sew with.

 photo KnitandEmbroid_zps33d964b6.jpg

Finally, our entry.
 photo OurDisplay_zps57f20bbb.jpg
Chris Moose, lots of little sewn and embroidered birds, a bead picture, quilted hanging, crocheted snowflakes, hardanger coasters and a shortbread 'tree'(not judged)

I think there were about 14 awards total, maybe less, and Tiree came away with seven!  Well done ladies!
 photo Awards_zps3163a075.jpg

The show overall went wonderfully, in my humble opinion.  People smiled and chatted; work was admired and techniques were shared.

Well done to all involved and I hope the Mull ladies enjoyed their visit.

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