Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rags to Riches 2013

What a *fantastic* night!  But, I should warn you: I took over 200 photos and this post contains 76 of them.  You might want to go get a cuppa while they all load.

Firstly, might I take a moment to mention the cause all the money raised went to, War on Want:
 photo WarOnWant_zps6dba0276.jpg

I won't give you a big speech, you can see the details in that shot and can visit their website for more information.

There were 10 entries, children and adults all took part.  There were also four photographers, myself included.  I probably had the cheapest camera, not a snazzy digital SLR, just my 'bridge' camera, but I think it did fine.  I'm going to group photos by entry rather than by time taken; this is because the models were very quick on the catwalk so sometimes the only shot I got was of a twirling burst of colour.

There was a really good turn out to the whole event:
 photo GoodTurnout_zps04c54453.jpg

Now, on to the outfits!

1. "A Fairytale of New Frock"

 photo AFairyTaleofNewFrock2_zps9b0cd7a3.jpg

 photo Dress1_zps92ec330f.jpg

 photo Dress2_zps651dc0b1.jpg

 photo Dress1and2_zpse3db4c3d.jpg

 photo AFNF1Back_zps387c9914.jpg

2. "Little Mermaid" One young lass did all this:
 photo MermaidBoard_zps5cfc966b.jpg

 photo LittleMermaidOutfitFront_zpsc9b3c959.jpg

 photo LittleMermaid_zps7b9d8668.jpg

3. "Highland Babe"  Quite possibly the hardest to get a good photo of.

 photo TartanBabeBoard_zps986049f7.jpg

 photo HighlandBabe1_zps165c58e4.jpg

 photo HighlandBabe2_zps109f22a5.jpg

4. "Fly me to the highlands"  This featured two outfits.

 photo FMTTHOutfit2Board_zpsd7dbe1b1.jpg

One was "The huntsman"
 photo HighlandBabe2Side_zps268bda0b.jpg

Two was "Swan"
 photo FlyMeHighlandsSwan_zps3c86d396.jpg

5. "West End Girl"  This little tot is a Rags to Riches veteran, she's had an outfit in all three shows and did very well this year.
 photo WestEndGirlBoard_zpsd5d28bb4.jpg

 photo WestEndGirl_zps5e36bc8f.jpg

6. "She Sells Sea Shells" (Pronounced correctly every time!)

 photo SheSellsSeaShellsOutfits_zps75f0bdd4.jpg

 photo SSSS4_zps6be055da.jpg

 photo SheSellsSeaShells_zps409d6700.jpg

 photo SSSS2_zpsc4abb2ca.jpg

 photo SSSS3_zps9d40feb9.jpg

 photo SSSS5Details_zpsc4a5b342.jpg

7. "Revamp"

 photo ReVampOutfit1_zps7f79fd89.jpg

 photo ReVampOutfit2_zps385cf47c.jpg

 photo Revamp1_zps7aaa1fb5.jpg

 photo Revamp1Back_zpsdb2ccd03.jpg

 photo ReVamp2Front_zps2ae72bb7.jpg

 photo ReVamp3_zps47ebbf8a.jpg

 photo ReVampTogether_zpsf7e41c4b.jpg

8. "Spellbound"  Based on working girl Cinderella and her ball outfit
 photo SpellBoundBoard_zps56c9800c.jpg

 photo SpellBound2Outfit_zpsa5528370.jpg

 photo SpellBound1Front_zpsf348b426.jpg

 photo SpellBound1Front2_zps57fe4283.jpg

 photo SpellBound2Front_zps79684b68.jpg

9. "Wonderland"
 photo WonderlandBoard_zps01b09cad.jpg

 photo WonderlandOutfit1_zps32a63eaa.jpg

 photo WonderlandShoes_zps9d47a463.jpg

 photo WonderlandOutfit2_zpsb6f73694.jpg

 photo WonderlandHatter_zpsc2cfce6d.jpg

 photo Wonderland1Front_zps492483c2.jpg

 photo Wonderland1Back_zps8b7aaf96.jpg

 photo Wonderland2Front_zps80e10fd2.jpg

 photo Wonderland2Back_zps236c9fab.jpg

 photo WonderlandTogether_zps92a4b302.jpg

10. "Once Upon A Time"  So many fables in one outfit!
 photo OUATBoard_zpsfec3bd02.jpg

 photo OUATTHarCloeUp_zps4778feed.jpg

 photo OUATPurse_zps8c4a1c74.jpg
This purse amused us all, there were gingerbread men for each of the judges.

 photo OUATDetails_zps15820aa2.jpg

 photo OnceUponATime2_zps125e8cb2.jpg

 photo OUATOutfitOverall_zps78686e65.jpg

 photo OUATOutfit1_zpsfadab9c7.jpg

 photo OUATOutfit2_zpsf52eebe0.jpg

 photo OnceUponATime_zps107ad162.jpg

 photo OUAT_zps7496da06.jpg

So that was the catwalk.  After this feast for the eyes there was a presentation on sweatshops and the factory collapse in Bangladesh then a break to vote, enjoy a canape and see the boards and outfits close up.  There was also a silent auction at the back of the main hall:

 photo SilentAuction_zps6ff3e3d0.jpg

During the interval many kidlets could be found playing on the catwalk, much to one photographer's enjoyment:
 photo KeenPhotographer_zps962c369a.jpg

After the interval Tiree's latest dance group "Dance Directionz" did a demo:

Then it was time for a reminder of outfits, paraded by their models:
 photo FinalParade_zpsb479a107.jpg

The judges said their comments on various outfits and sets.  The raffle and auction results were announced and Tiree High School Guitar Group did a performance for us:
 photo GuitarGroup_zps62b47b3b.jpg

Then on to the results!  The two ladies doing the results were a very amusing pair:
 photo AwardsDuo_zps9b9f30a5.jpg

Awards were handed out to the designers who came up with their models:
 photo Award1_zps2c8d4596.jpg

 photo Award2_zps1831a7e2.jpg

Thanks were said:
 photo beckyThanksMum_zpsd1a0cc15.jpg

The children's award was a tie; all of the outfits were so good that the judges decided to share the prizes between all:
 photo ChildrensAwards_zps814928ac.jpg

There was a final round of thanks, to which I add my own: Thank you to all involved and well done!  Then we had another interval while "The Defenders", Tiree's own rock band, set up the stage.

Oh, but before they did that, they paraded their made-for-the-occasion outfits!
 photo Defenders1_zpsd46c20d0.jpg

The drummer was so enthusiastic he decided to throw his blazer into the crowd and show off his top, much to the amusement of the crowd.
 photo DaftDrummer_zps23e56ad7.jpg

I snapped this shot after their set:
 photo DefendersOutift_zps27af7ee7.jpg

It was a great set and the group seemed to enjoy it just as much as the audience:
 photo Starting_zps2de850d3.jpg

We even had lasers!
 photo Lazers_zps94b77176.jpg

And that was last night.  There was a disco on too, but I was shattered, so no shots of that.  I hope you enjoyed my report as much as I enjoyed the evening.



  1. Thank you for creating this amazing report Jackie. All the incredibly hard work and enthusiasm of all who participated paid off and made a fantastic evening. We will post our total figure in due course. Thank You!!

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